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Originally Posted by New2Roundel View Post
...but it's really for those interested in high performance driving.
That would be me! However, I want my cake and I want to eat it too. I don't want to wait until 3k RPMs before something happens. The on/off nature of these motors (speaking to the S55 at least) leaves something to be desired. If this was a naturally-aspirated motor and I simply had to wait until ~3k RPMs for torque to develop naturally, that is one thing, but in a modern turbo-charged engine, it just feels unnatural and unpredictable when nothing is happening below a certain RPM and then all of a sudden you have gobs of torque hitting you like a freight train. If only BMW could find a way to take the benefits of a twin-scroll single turbo (i.e. more NA-like power delivery) and still make big power for the full "M" experience, that would seem to me like the best of both worlds. Oh, and I want it to sound good, too! Maybe I'm just asking for too much...