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Originally Posted by CP911 View Post
It is not a venue. They pre-program a route in GPS that takes you on a big loop nearby the dealership.

Also, my feedback is on the M5 Competition and not the regular M5. It was anything but underwhelming for me, except for maybe the exhaust noise levels. I'm sure this is done on purpose as anyone buying this car will still be using it on their daily commute and most people would not "fit in" with an obnoxiously loud exhaust.
How was the experience compared to an ordinary test drive? I also really want to drive the M2 Competition as well, currently having a M240i, but all the slots nearby are 100% full or waitlist, and it may be better to overlap it with a lease end inspection or service. I'm thinking of testing my luck with a separately scheduled test drive, but there appears to be only one dealer with M2C 6MT in stock, so coin flip there.

Also, I think this the true reason for the Ultimate Driving Event having tons of empty spots (alluded to in another thread), people would rather drive an M5C or M3C or M850 on the street than a more ordindary BMW on an autocross course.