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FYI, the M Town reps work for a third party marketing company so they may not be as knowledgeable as you'd expect. YMMV.

OP, I have a 991.2 TTS so I can confirm you've been PDK spoiled. I test drove the M340, M5C, X3MC, and M850.

M340, interior is cheap feeling. Horrible turbo lag. From a standstill. Decent daily, but not for its price tag.

X3MC, fast and elegant, but handling wasn't anywhere near as good as my previous X5M. Great speed and options (even tho vent seats didn't work but made a loud noise), but handling and exterior design is lacking.

M5C, great car, extremely comfortable, plenty of power, but the ZF takes away from the Motorsport heritage in M cars. You definitely notice immediately it is NOT a DCT.

M850, it is what it seems.

My M2C is phenomenal. DCT works great, albeit not as good as PDK, but that's not a fair comparison. Same goes for my M3CS. You probably had the wrong settings or the ECU learned someone else's driving habits because I'd rate the M DCT right under the PDK.

Handling, none will handle like a 911 because they aren't meant to. But, When loading groceries or etc in the Frunk of my TTS, I have to play Tetris every time. In my M2C or M3CS, I just throw the stuff in the trunk and go; for example.

TL;DR: a lot of potential but still fall short in areas M cars shouldn't.
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