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Originally Posted by jmg View Post
I'm genuinely curious what you all think of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. I've seen it twice already, and I've read how anti-liberal it is. Certainly the rewriting of history by two men from an obsolete era and their confrontation with the "fucking hippies" sends some kind of message about the good old days of male strength and a good ass kicking. It seems the antithesis of Tarantino movies of the past where strong female leads were breaking down the stereotypes of helpless eye candy that needs men to save them (Kill Bill, Jackie Brown, Deathproof). Here the hippie jailbait is the enemy, perhaps an answer to the metoo movement where the lines of who's wrong and who's right aren't as clear as we think they are. Perhaps the hippie jailbait is both a victim and the predator, manipulated by fanatic ideals from a psychopathic cult. Then there is the scene in the car the night of the murders, which can be interpreted as left-wing delusional self-justification for committing heinous acts they think is right, but so obviously flawed and wrong. This also could be an answer to liberal criticism of violence in movies. Do they make people violent or do we use movies as a scapegoat for our own problems? Does art imitate life or influence it?
Might want to start another thread about OUATIH. I love Tarantino's stuff and am looking forward to seeing this movie.