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Originally Posted by gmza View Post
Ouch... I just spent R1800 having my break light replaced because they refused to do it under warranty. Any reference to the bulletin would be appreciated.
Just got my car back form BMW, replaced under motor plan Printed out the bulletin and took it to them, PUMA case opened and replaced under motor plan.

Storage compartment also replaced in centre console above radio after PUMA case was opened. It wasn't opening properly.. They put the new "facelift" one in now under motor plan.

Now my bloody brakes are squeaking even still after they lubed them up and cleaned them.. Any ideas? They don't wanna do anything more about the squealing now.. Car has done 10 000km.. Says there is nothing they can do basically and shunted it off..

Oh and my power steering pump or something bombed out after collecting the car... Great.. It's back in now..