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Australian Maps... Can Anyone Help?

Hi there to everyone out there... and I hope someone can help... I have purchased a 2004 X5 4.4i, a great car. My issue, is with Australian Maps for my sat nav. The car has the larger screen in dash with a MkiV DVD reader in the boot along with a 6 stacker CD.

The current Map disc is 2003 and is so out of date it's not funny. After much reading / research I have updated the firmware (via a free download) to V32, which went well. I then purchased a 2012 professional map disc on ebay (original, still in box) to complete the set. However this disc brings up an error message on the dash screen asking my to insert the correct CD / DVD. I have spoken with local BMW dealer and they have confirmed via the VIN number that the 'professional' version is correct. I have since tried downloading multiple versions from various sites and have gone through a small fortune in CD's & DVD's burning at fast speed / slow speed and everything in between and still nothing is working.

I have come across a multitude of posts on this subject and tried to work out what to do that will give me maps. I now turn to all my new friends at XBIMMERS and ask for help and guidance.

Thanks in advance
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