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Originally Posted by asbrr View Post
Wow it's pretty pronounced in the interior video, I can faintly hear it in the passenger side video when you turn right a bit and hit that bump.

I don't have much to add given you've replaced much of the suspension. Could be something related to worn motor or transmission mounts, I had a horrible clunk after swapping out my factory transmission mounts for Rogue Engineering rubber mounts.

The sizing was different enough that it shifted the driveline enough to cause two parts to touch (not sure what they were, just going by mechanic's description). They adjusted the spacing using washers somehow and created enough separation.

That sounded similar....good luck.
Thanks! That was an area of concern for me to. I have to check the mounts. There isnít much play in the engine or tranny from what I can see in the video but like you mentioned, it may be two metals colliding with one another and I just canít see it. Iíll have to lift the car up and carefully look at all points of intersection/ mounting bolts.
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