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Originally Posted by MOD.Works View Post

I'm sorry for the poor English, as well as if there is a wrong place to ask.

I would like to calculate the optimum length of the N52B30 intake runner, etc. with a pipemax program.
I plan on using a custom 3IM or N54 manifold. Or something else interesting.

I have been trying to find the exact specs of the N52B30 engine. Euro spec engine (e81 130i 2007 MSV80).
I previously had good data on the N52 engine, as well as the M62 and other engines and values on the Pipemax, but the computer died and I lost all the data.

Which values are not correct?
Images show metric units and one image shows an inch.

Intake runner is about 315-320mm long in 3IM (from valve to bellmouth end)
The N54 intake manifold runner seems to be clearly shorter, but I haven't found any information on the N54 runner's length.

At the values I used Pipemax. The 3IM runner length of the optimal Peak HP is approx. 5800rpm.
I suspect some values are incorrect.

For comparison.
I tried the N62B48 intake for the M62b46 engine with more aggressive cams, headers, etc.
Peak HP is exactly what I got from PipeMax.
But I won't use this N62 intake anymore next year. I get a little more power, but it's close to 7000rpm vs. m60 intake where the max HP is just over 6000rpm. But this was just an experiment. Below are some MAF values.

N62 intake "short"
N62 intake "long"
M60 intake
You should post this in the thread about cutting up intake manifolds.
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