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Originally Posted by twinturbovan View Post
I'm on BC Racing BR Coilovers. Idr how low I am lowered but i have more room to lower. But it's only a few clicks away from being maxed out on stiffness. It's not comfortable with my stiffness set up but bc track car. I'm used to it. I can find out the specs of height etc when I put the new Apex wheels on though. I ordered 4 of Apex Track Spec for the ARC-8. I spoke to Apex as well and I'm hoping they will be making their track spec ARC-8 in forged bc that's what i wanted but they said not enough people track their 1 series which is why they havent made them in forged for that spec they plan to this coming year so im excited.
I need to spread more time on the forums to catch threads like this, but the recommendation for a wheel and tire calculator is a good one. is a great site. It's less detailed than some other options but does a good job of visually comparing where wheels sit relative to other fitments in space.

It sounds like you have our 17x9 ET52 wheels on order which should work well, but let me know if you have any other questions. BC coilovers can limit inner clearance up front with the strut/spring/perch configuration so wider spacers are sometimes required depending on your tire model choice et c.

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