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Originally Posted by 02Pilot View Post
Any part that reaches the point where I'm wondering if it will fail imminently gets replaced. Unnecessary? Maybe, but peace of mind matters to me. Having experienced a major failure some 800 miles from home, having to deal with it in the middle of a road trip is not something I wish to repeat (for the record, this was not in a BMW).
I was left at the side of the road at various distances from home by a 1992 Mazda MX3 GS several times for a sporadic and repetitive ignition ECU failure! But that does not make me want to replace any part that MIGHT fail in my BMW. Shoot, it might be cheaper to just keep a spare car handy.
So, that's it. I am doomed. There is no patch, no methadone, no substitute. Curse you BMW. Curse you and your seamless power delivery. Curse the incredible sense of road feel. Curse the comfort, the luxury, the envious looks from the masses. I am... hopelessly addicted.