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Originally Posted by BillOne View Post
nice car, but your pics are a tease. Please post a pic or two of yor car side- on so we can see your wheels.
Intention was only to show KennyPowers that 8.5x18 ET 45 will fit nicely ;-)

And BTW, I ran also same wheels but 8.5x18 ET 38, that was the first set available at APEX. It was ok, but I had camber of -2.3 front and -2.5 rear. I was on Toyo R888 225/40 front and 265/35 rear. My current setting is less agressive.

These are the 8.5 ET 38 front:

And again for KennyPowers, this a pic of the stock wheels (with Continetal winter tyres, 225/40 and 255/35), it helps seing the difference:

I don't take side pictures often, I must admit. Here are two:

- ET38 front and Toyo tyres 225/40 and 265/35:

- ET45 front and Michelin Pilot Super Sport 225/40 and 255/35:

- On the track again, but not sure about the tyres, I believe Toyo 225/40 and 255/35:

Originally Posted by SpeedballTrix View Post
NTTY: Your car is so clean it's ridiculous.
I've never seen a car on a racetrack that looks like it's actually on the showroom floor.
Your ride height looks perfect. Your stance looks perfect.
And the car looks rock solid going around that corner.

Well done sir

But to stay on topic: First mounted pics gets free tickets to awesometown.
Thank you! I'm impatient to get the new EC-7 and will do pictures as soon as they are on the car. I went for the anthracite colour. I plan going for a track day on August 23rd, let's hope I get the new wheels before.

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