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Exclamation Sonic Tuning | ST Suspension Coilover Amazing Price & Free Shipping!!!

Looking to lower your car the right way?
Want the best ride, handling and performance all in one package?
Tired of the offshore Knock-Off Coilover Game -Same generic aluminum product, different colors, different Name?
Worried about how long your purchase will last, and if you can actually get warrantee if it breaks?

Suspension Techniques has the answers to all of these questions...
Speedtech Coilovers by KW

Yes you read right, by KW. ST Speedtech Coilovers are made by KW, the leading brand worldwide for height adjustable coilover systems. In fact ST is owned by KW automotive. Just think of ST as KWs little brother!

What's the difference between KW coilovers and ST Coilovers?

ST Speedtech Coilovers are constructed of high grade steel, and heavy galvanized for great rust protection.
KW Coilovers are made from INOX stainless steel, which is 100% rust free.

Damper Options
ST Speedtech Coilovers offer only a non-dampening adjustable solution along with the height adjustability, just like the KW V1s.

ST Speedtech Coilovers offer a 5 year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser.

ST Suspensions - Spring Strut Construction

Excellent all around performance, providing a balance between performance and comfort for everyday use

High-quality components for long durability

Use of twin-tube technology, independent reactions from damping inputs minimized chassis vibrations and increase driving dynamics

Coilovers come with all necessary components, vehicle-specific certificate and installation instructions


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