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Originally Posted by TimMc View Post
I know what you mean with the work. When I get a chance now, I take it!

Do it!

T'was fantastic. My first run at QR in nearly four years & I feel much safer there than at Lakeside. Mind you, I did spin off through turn 1 at ~5000rpm in 3rd…
They've always got timing. Times should be up on the Natsoft website shortly. I think I was doing 1'04.1" on Clubman, 1'01.1" on Sprint and 1'27.6" on the National. Brakes pedal was starting to get soft on the National and I was getting a brake warning symbol & gong going off on the dash. Not sure what it was as all checked out ok later. I'll be looking to upgrade the fluid & pads I think.
I had an interesting comparison when the fastest guy on track in his E36 M3 race car came up behind me. I'd pull away on the straights under power and had to back right off the throttle to let him past. Different story with the E30 with the LS1 Chev in it though…
Have fun at the shootout. I'll be working in Malaysia
Great time 1'01 on the sprint track isn't hanging about.