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Originally Posted by JB4135 View Post
So decided that the COBB just isn't for me. I did get it running quite well with the JB4 but there is definitely no need for it so I'll be returning the unit. I know some of the guys in the US that were stacking are not doing it anymore. The COBB is a good tune for those without meth but until they release proper meth maps and revise the current maps I'm gonna stick with the JB4. I uninstalled the COBB last night after two weeks with it and ran the latest JB4 firmware 5/19 for the first time and all I can say is my car feels so much better with the JB4. Stable/smooth boost curve with more advance (which I prefer).
I've said it before and will say it again JB4 FTW!!!!!!
Hey Edwin can you elaborate more on this JB4? I hear it's pretty decent