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Originally Posted by v1k0d3n View Post
eh, i might get a little flamed for this, but i think the offer is pretty fair. the part i would be most irritated about is the fact that i had to take off work/use a day, and lose it for yard work or something like that. you're still getting around a $1000 of "cash and prizes" and they are making up the difference by taking care of the flight and hotel (flight being the big part, since they already have a deal with the hotel). add that to the cost of $1000. this is all for something that they probably tried to resolve before you got there, which is probably the reason for the [admittedly] unreasonably late call. i would probably have traded spots with you for a free wheel. that's a nice piece. i definitely would've traded you for the 1K in aftermarket parts. it still would've bothered me personally about the spoiler being off a little, but you're going to scrutinize more if you had a bad experience too. clear your mind, come up with a pros and cons list, and consider some of your blessings in all of this. just my .02. glad you got the car though, have fun with it, and don't let this experience get your panties all bunched up. i'm sorry you had a bad experience.
No flaming here. That's what I was looking for, just some honest opinions. I'm definitely pissed about all the days I had to take off, and I see your point about the airfare reimbursement, but in my mind I think the airfare shouldn't even be considered because I almost feel they're obligated to get me back down there since I went on my own cost the first time. I'm just trying to see what most people would consider fair, I'm not trying be greedy and I hope I don't come across like that. I'm in the customer service industry and I know I normally do everything possible to make a customer happy when its a issue like mine. I wasn't making anything up and trying to create a issue when there wasn't. I was even thanked by the PCD people for handling my self completely calm and rational. I never once blew up or even blamed or yelled at anyone, which they said most people would have. When it was suggested to me that I ask for the M school nobody thought it would even be an issue, I wasn't asking for airfare down there. Just the school, I mean I know sometimes they even throw that in when you buy one of the other M cars, so I didn't think it would even be an issue. I think I can even get a discount with my BMWCCA membership on M school so I don't think the it even costs that much more. When the first offerend the 1k credit in BMW performance parts I said no, and they asked how much would I need in credits so I assume they were willing to definitely give me more than 1k. Anyway it's not really the amount it's more the principal.