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Originally Posted by OAM View Post
Well I never said they legally owe me anything and that's not what I was trying to get at. There is no pain or mental anguish, but they did ruin an "experience" for me. I had planned and paid for this trip 4 months out and had to take extra days off work. But they also did deliver me a car with a off center spolier, which I have to live with. It was off center enough for customer service to even admit it wasn't right. There were other options of how they could of handled it, but it seemed like no one wanted to take responsibility and they were covering their asses. They could of swapped the part off one of the 6 1m's they have there at least to get me home and then shipped the part to my local dealer. Also another forum member even offered his part off his car to me since he wasn't coming to do PCD for another week or two. You're right they don't owe me anything, but I would think BMW would be better at making things right.

well, since it's a close friend of mine that offerred the part from his vehicle.... I know that was a possibility..... but still... if they took the part from his car.... wouldn't that have been an issue..? especially if you just got your car this past weekend.

EDIT.. looks like you got your car a full week before Robert... but.. there's no guarantee the part would have come in and could have caused the issue to be transferred to another person... I can certainly understand why they declined to do that.

I know you didn't mention legal obligations... I did.. because that's what you are owed. Anything over and above.. Discounts.. etc.. paying for the steering wheel.. Are EFFORTS at making this experience better for you than it has been. Whether or not you can utilize or appreciate those efforts.. well.. that's an individual decision.

Hopefully the expense for the wheel is close to or less than what your two days of vacation from work would be... that's a real expense that you have incurred, along with the other actual monetary items like the flight and hotel room... maybe even the fuel expense for the first trip home.

Can you explain more about the spoiler? I'm not sure how that's related to the PCD delay. you made no mention of it initially... Were you allowed to see the car on 11/3-4 and this was not corrected by the time you returned? or... is this something that was noticed on the return? can it not be corrected at the dealer level?

As far as m school.. one day is $1495... I am kinda surprised that they didn't agree to that... except you asked for two people..

for those that threw the 2 day event out there.. the Two day school is a whopping $3595.
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