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Scuffed and pissed

Well yesterday it happened and I hadn't even reached 2200 miles. I was at a doctors apt in Landsthuloff base) and came out to the parking lot to find a 2 inch long by half in wide scratched/scuffed mark on my bumper. Some wonderful individual pulled in behind me, my car was facing out, and bumped the back of my car. Talk about pissed! No note, no hey heres a fifty in an envelope, nothing. Well the best thing about this is Dennis Weber of Car Cosmetics Weber took care of me. I've known of his work through Hans and the M Flight and Hans said to just go see him and he take care of me. Polished and buffed, on the spot, can't even tell it happened. Nicest thing he did was not want to charge me. Had to give him some serious beer money anyways. Any of y'all don't know him or need some serious details work I highly recommend. I've seen some of his handy work on the M Fight cars and it's top notch.