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Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
I'm still interested as I don't expect the rod to cost very much. Intersting that they don't sell it or supply the full control arms in a kit, like they do for the standard E9X series. In the end, the freight is still expensive. Also, have not personally purchased from this vendor before.
i had a google about them, he seems active on bimmerforums, among others, with everyone who has dealt with him/the company raving

i mean.. i replied to my email last night, it would have been a saturday (possibly sunday early?) for him!

i'm quite happy to be the first purchaser from them as a test mule? lol

inc freight from somewhere like turner totals about $$720-$750ish shipped, which is a tiny bit less than local (M3 control arms and castor arm inc headlight rod $770 *PLUS SHIPPING* - quoted from southernbm)

inc the rod shipped from elsewhere, it would be about $600 flat

ED: ooh, since about a week ago when i complained to turner about their shipping cots, looks like they've fixed it a bit

$676.24 (USD) from them $76.29 (USD) shpiping, it was way over $700 when i emailed them last

so it comes down to a $70 saving

possibly if i emailed oembimmerparts about shipping costs it would come down a bit too though, so, i'll see how that works out

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