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Yes - it is a used car. At the same time it is a 87 mile, discontinued color for the 09MY, Year One of the 1 with a unique VIN. That will have value to someone. Some on the forum have already speculated that the change to Space Gray will increase the value of the Sparkling Graphite cars - that may or may not be true, but the market and individual buyers will decide.

I ordered the car a while ago as a gift for my wife - didn't want to back out of the sale. As a salesman - I know what it is like to loose a deal at the last minute. I am not a used car dealer - although I have had more than 20 cars in just over 20 years. Some for months - others for years. If we don't sell it, we may drive it.

I don't wish suffering on anyone. If someone can get a better price than MSRP or my price - that is a good thing.

you have an excellent attitude...

I'm sure you have but just a reminder to place an ad on autotrader, craigs, etc....

best of luck with the sale....