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Doing this install now. and wanted to type this while fresh in my head. Also note, my instructions seem to be different than the ones above.

In figure 19 where it says remove both m6 nuts labled A. That is correct however, it doesnt mention that you need to unclip 2 hoses that will be covering those nuts. Just FYI number one that I thought might help someone. Ill update as I go on if I run into something else. Oh and I dont have my camera with me so sorry no pics.....yeah yeah im an idiot.

Second thing.... My powersteering fluid bracket came to me pretty banged up (the box) so It was probably a little out of alignment. So... using it as a guide in figure 38 would have caused me to be in the wrong spot on the cross memeber. No big deal, just had to bend the bracket a little. looking at the cross memeber you will notice how it essentially looks like little triangles. The bracket should align with the triangle to the right (if you are facing your windshield) of the triangle where the hood release cable is...ok next beer and moving on.

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