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Originally Posted by Chris@iCARBON View Post
I'm anticipating that it won't extend it too long. I'll keep you guys updated.

For the dynos, we have post-install dyno numbers but unfortunately we are no longer in contact with the baseline dyno shop, which means we have nothing to compare with. Stock exhaust will be going back on the car by the end of this week to early next week. It is essential that we compare same dynos pre and post install to have accurate results for gains. Getting dyno time on a dynojet here is a high ticket commodity, they are booked literally weeks in advance.

Originally Posted by Chris@iCARBON View Post
I will update you guys tonight, i should have some information later today.
I've been waiting for some updates so hopefully I can jump on board too. I'm interested in the Stage 1 pending:

1. Sound clips of Stage 1
2. Dynos
3. A confirmed shipping date, I've ordered CF parts from you so I'm hoping you could ship them together.

Please let me know, I'm very interested. I've ordered nearly all of your parts!!