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Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
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I like the idea of the CSL too but since the car is my daily, I love having all the luxuries. Until I have more space I'm limited to 1 car and 1 bike for now.

For this reason I loaded up my 135i up with every option I could, because for me it's the small things like Comfort Access, heated seats, Pro Nav etc that make the driving experience all that better when you're foot isn't flat on the accelerator.

I think if BMW follow the tradition of making everything better by at least 20% it will hold it's own.

I would like to see the M2 have it's own specific engine, different to that of the rest of the 1/2 series range. It needs to have more displacement and/or more turbos. At the moment the only thing separating the 1M and the 135i is a tune. Having said that, there is so much more to an M car.

Carbon Fiber Roof:
I would also like to see the option for a CF roof, I know it sheds a lot of weight from the highest point of the car but they look badass too.

M Seats:
I'd like to see M specific seats similar to that of the M3, something that separates it from the rest of the line-up.

I'd love to see a DCT option as much as the purists might disagree. I would have upgraded to a 1M if the DCT was available. As fun as a MT is to drive, it's not ideal for my situation being a daily driver and having to drive in the city everyday. Also, the DCT is faster than me at the track and would never let me down.

If the weight could be dropped, even if by 100 pounds, I'd be a happy man. It would be awesome to see the weight around 3000 pounds
I agree with you on most of these items except the bold, red, highlighted one. If you had said the following, I would go back to agreeing with you:

"At the moment the only thing separating the 1M and the 135i is a tune + an M3 Chassis with ZCP package, a factory tuned N54, 300lbs of weight reduction and helluva lot better resale value."
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