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No order, no deposit as well. May of 2011 I was in a BSM(wanted white) e92 335 6MT with a jb4 and dci, car was good fun but when I'd bought it i'd wanted a 135i, my gf at the time spoke so much of how the 135 was a very feminine car that I finally gave in and shopped for a manual 335. It was a great car but I was coming from a turbo'ed and slammed z3, so the 335 was huge to me.

At that time I needed new tires, I started looking for something to add grip because I was just shredding the 255's, I then realized 255 was as big as you could go on the stock wheels, so then I was looking at wheels. Coming from the z3 I knew this was a slippery slope(the only thing stock was most body panels and the inside rear view mirror).. I eventually settled on ordering rs3's in stock sizing and hoping it would be enough to put down the JB4 power.. while they were being shipped I saw my first 1M on the road. Game over.. It had everything I wanted in a car, a turbo'ed 6, RWD, a LSD, huge wheels, wheel wells that would hold anything I wanted and most importantly it was a smaller form factor that my gf couldn't spend her time making condescending gestures of my immaturity(while maybe she still could) and the cars lack of masculinity. I was sold.

That day I sent an email to all the BMW sales guys I or family members had bought cars from in the past, I'm always involved in their purchases, asking that they let me know if they somehow had one available.. All I got back were ridiculously snarky emails from salesman "Yea right, good luck" "lol, little late on that one", the most serious response: "I'll let you know if someone backs out, but not likely". My tires showed up, I depressingly was set to go get them installed that same day, hopes slashed, reassuring myself that it was a better financial decision to stay in the 335, boy that was wrong. That salesman with a decent response calls me up extremely excited, "I have one in our sister dealership a few hours away that someone just backed out of, lets make this happen!" I spent the next two days hammering them on my trade in and the 1M's price, drove up and picked it up, they asked if I wanted a test drive, "no thank you, just get me something to sign and the keys please," i already knew what i needed to without touching the car, that drive home was the happiest hour of my life I think!

Sent the tires I'd ordered back, and never looked back, amazing that the car is worth somewhere near what I payed and I can't think of selling it, it's a perfect car in my book, I'd love a bit better aerodynamics but who the hell cares when your behind the wheel with gobs of power.. thank you to the engineers for making the car I was waiting for

Dropped it off for the 30k service today, wish I could keep the miles off, but I just want to drive it.
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