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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
And.... Did you pay THAT???

IF you did pay them, you should contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau). But you really ought to call the service manager or better yet the General Manager of the dealership - FIRST!

Legally they can not charge you more than their shops minimum check out fee (usually its a 1/2 of thoer hourly rate) without FIRST giving you an estimate. So IF they charge $100 per hour, they should charge you $50. When they give you an estimate for repairs, they can not go over 10% of the original estimate they told you.

You might do a quick Google of your states laws on this too.

So... did they really charge you $260 for ONLY mounting your summer tires? Or did they perhaps do some "other" COD repair with this? ???

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Hell no. The quote was before the job. I never let them touch my car. When they told me how much it cost, I told them it was exorbitant, and there was no way I'd just open my wallet up to them like that without a good reason. The SA gave me this smug smile and told me I was paying for a high quality job since they were going to "mount, rotate and balance" the tires. As if that isn't what every tire shop in the country does anyways. PS, you can't rotate staggered, directional tires (but I guess that shows how much he knew about the car to begin with).

I got the hell out of there, drove down the street, and got it done for $80. The SA lost all interest in me when he realized I wasn't an idiot willing to pay a 250% markup for absolutely nothing. I guess they stay in business by sucking dry people with more money than sense, or at least those who have no idea what it should actually cost to maintain a car.

The BF Goodrich tire shop swapped the tires and the car rides beautifully.
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