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Updated maps in my CIC, didn't really need it since I already had 2015 maps but I already had Australia 2016 premium on USB from one of my friends.

New maps require an FSC code. Even if you have the maps on USB you won't be able to load them on without the FSC enabling code. I had the Australian Premium 2016 map data on USB but did not have an FSC code for my car.

There's a few ways of doing this yourself without paying someone.

Ultimately you need to get the 1B file out of the CIC unit, which you can then use a key generator to make the FSC code for the maps. This ONLY works for maps and will not work for combox BMW apps FSCs.

To get the data out of the CIC unit you have a few options:

- Get a USB->ethernet adapter and plug it into the glovebox, then FTP into the CIC to get the 1B file out
- Physically wire in the ethernet lines into the harness and OBDII plug (cars with CIC from factory would already have this) and use an ENET cable to do the same as above
- Use an ICOM cable and use a software utility to read the file

I have previously invested in an ICOM cable for working on BMWs so I went with that, luckily its the easiest option without stuffing around with FTP access. Do a google search for SWIDReader to dump the 1B file. Then used the tools to generate my own FSC (after editing the XML file for a new entry for Australia Premium 2016)

For some reason, the VIN stored in my CIC unit was out of a BMW F10 528i! The production date of the CIC unit is 1 year older than the production date for the car and I was under the impression CIC units from F series cars were different. Maybe a vendor has flashed this CIC unit to an F series VIN that was fully loaded with options. According to the VIN, the 528i VIN has BMW apps and combox. Didn't really care about BMW apps but if it works without paying for an FSC that will be an added bonus

Very handy as I have already ordered a combox and just waiting for the postage:
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