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Originally Posted by DR-JEKL View Post
Whats your thoughts on the UUC DSSR?

I had read some negative reviews and decided against buying it and just bought their UUC SSK.

If I ever get around to installing my spec stage 3 clutch I may do the DSSR it then!

I hadnt seen these bushes listed for sale before, they're the same bushes that the ECS kit is for right?
What were the negative reviews? It looks like a nice part but I don't think it would do much. If it was cheap then that would be OK but I think you'd just be better off replacing the plastic stuff as it wears and it should be good for another 150,000kms

Those ECS bushes are replacing the same part number but are telfon instead of delrin. Due to the way the carrier is designed, there is no real reason to go telfon. The bushing hardly pivots at all so the slippery nature of telfon doesnt have much use. The harder delrin seems like the way to go in making the shifter gates a bit more solid.