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They do another CSL rep called the V703 and a more modern style in the V810 so yes that is also an option so appreciate the thought.

The issue I am finding because I am keeping my standard 135i hubs is that most wheels on sale are either 8.5/9.5 for the front and 10+ for the rear. So the only reason they have suggested an aggressive for the front is they simply do not offer a 9" wide wheel. So I either go 8.5 front 9.5 rear or 9.5 front and 10 rear. I am limited to what is on offer, which is not a lot for 1 series, and VMR are one of the very few manufacturers that offer the required offsets without fabrication. At around $1,600 a set they are within my budget.

I was looking at Simmons OM1 but only come in 20" and only 8.5 & 9.5. Custom OM's run at $4,000+ per set and as mentioned they are more of a BBS style than the CSL style.

I cannot go with real 1M rims partly because the rears will not fit due to the wider 135i hubs and they are super expensive and rare.