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Map update USB needs to be formatted FAT32, check that. You'll also need an FSC code to update it unless the car has had a lifetime FSC input already. A 2020 map update for CIC (PREMIUM) has just recently been released.

Try rebooting the phone and connect to BT on the car just after it has woken up from sleep?

Good luck!

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I'm in Melbourne, but bought a Valencia Orange in South Australia -- 50,455 km, with heated front seats, comfort access, and some headlight option -- washers?

Anyway we drove it back to Melbourne Wednesday on SA reg for now, until I get all the roadworthy, Vicroads stuff done. When that is done my plates will be VIVACE. Currently XX 601J (SA).

The only negative is the previous owner decided to put run-flat tyres on it at around 31,000 km. Not my choice. Very noisy in the cabin during the transit from Adelaide. I guess it won't be that long before OUT!

Negotiated a nav update. Last 2 km into our neighbourhood off Plenty Road I was driving across paddocks.

Need to figure out how to update the software. Able to download from BMW, but I've tried every possible combination of USB in the glovebox, in the centre console, updates in a folder, not in a folder.

Also tried to pair my iPhone 6 SE with the car system -- fail. My phone doesn't give me a code for syncing, so off to the dealer for help. The snap adapter is for an iPhone 4, so on the lookout for a suitable adapter.

Got a bunch of songs uploaded into the hard drive via USB connected in the glovebox. Thinks a 500 Gb external HDD with USB for $55 might be a good investment.

I think we are going to love this baby!

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