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Originally Posted by Taymaishu View Post
My stats on my quote:

Yearly Sal Sacrifice - 12,836
Lease length: 24 months
Residual: 56.25%
Monthly Lease cost: $1069.83
Car: 125i
Annual KM: 25,000

CTP & Rego
Fuel Cards (three: Shell, BP, Caltex)
$1200 towards comprehensive insurance
24 Hour roadside assistance
Servicing & Maintenance
2 year warranty (life of lease)
That seems VERY suspiciously cheap, especially since they don't seem to have included any FBT.......

there's no way it can be wholly correct, since the lease payments don't even cover the difference between the residual and the purchase price, and that's before taking interest into account.
56.25% of 68k=$38,250 2x$12836=$25672. $38,250+$25672=63922.......

edit: punching some numbers (68k car, 24 months, fully maintained) through a novated lease calculator, I get a monthly cost of about $2525.....

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