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Originally Posted by M3roar View Post
I wish people would stop the crying over the "underwhelming" power numbers. I mean my brother has a 335i coupe and its an auto and not tuned... its a BEAST compared to any old 3series.... it pulls like a freight train. I cant wait to drive a car thats lighter, manual and much more powerful... not to meantion BMW has always been about being a "drivers" car and not the fastest in a straight line. If thats all thats important to you that go buy a Shelby. ( which by the way is a very sick car in the 2011 model ). Anyways. my point is. We dont know how this thing will FEEL. So chill until you do.
You and I obviously have different opinions on power/speed if you think a stock auto 335i "pulls like a freight train"

How it will feel? I don't give a crap.. Bottom line is for the $$ and what the car symbolizes, I would have liked to see another 20-30HP or so from the factory. People need to stop whining about anything negative said about the 1M. Shesh.

Just so there is no confusion, the rest of the car I think is great (minus the seats). Just should have had that extra kick in the rear is all..
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