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Next T&T is going to be run solely by me, and a bit different. We're going to have a full autocross course straight out, and four separate exercises to the left main runway. I'll break the large group up into three groups.

Group 1 runs on the autocross course
Group 2 works the autocross course
Group 3 runs on all the exercise areas

Then we rotate groups every 50-60 minutes. That way, you're only working 1/3 of the time.

Also, there's no cutting in line or gridding. If you're running on the autocross course, you finish your run and get back in the line that loops back to the start. If you choose to pull to the side to do anything, you get in the back of the line when you're ready to run again.

Looking to get more seat time (though a lot of people got close to 20 runs in!!), less waiting, eliminate any frustration! WOOT!!