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Originally Posted by **********s View Post
He was given 250 OFF for being a part of the Group Buy.

Also, he has so many of these threads up that its hard to keep track and baby sit them. I can only hope to change the way you feel about our company somehow or someday. I apologized for my immature response in another thread and I believe he is the only member of the group buy whose wheels have not shipped yet. He is also the only Volvo in that group buy and according to information given to him by Forgestar it was difficult to have his wheels shipped by 2 months of the order date. The excuse for 6 months out, I dont know, I dont have any answers, all I know is what Forgestar tells me.

When his wheels are delivered, and the group buy is closed. I'll recap the group buy, and really just apologize for the delays, and my approach on handling irate customers. Again this was a groupbuy intended to deliver a quality product and help our company but the delays really, really hurt us here.

Sorry again.

How many lies and half truths are you going to tell on a public forum Kevin? I have exactly 1 active thread. This one. There are two active ORIGINAL group buy threads NOT STARTED BY ME. The one on e46 fanatics and the one here. You have chosen to spread this disastrous GB around not me.

After YOU repeatedly assured me and reassured me that MY VOLVO wheels would be delivered in the SAME time frame (4-6 weeks) as everyone elses and 5 months then went by, I contacted Forgestar. They said they could never have done 5x108 wheels in 4-6 weeks and YOU should have known better. It's not their fault that YOU do not know Sh*T about the products you are selling. YOU had plenty of opportunity to call forgestar and confirm, you did not. Your "Live Updated worksheet" nonsense was a good tale.

You can try to blame your customers for your arrogance, greed, and ignorance but, everyone here sees right through you. ALL of the comments here agree. You represent all that is wrong with business in america right now.

This is for you. Read it.
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