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So, a member here linked me to a thread in the 3 series section. Someone there feels I'm just impatient. Actually I've been keeping myself quite busy since ordering these Forgestar F14 wheels (that still have no delivery date) way back in January.

I've put together a little list. This is what you too can accomplish with your wait time if you order wheels from this poor excuse for a drop shipper...

Finally Finalize that divorce. Meet a new girl. Get to know her for a few months. Move in together for a few months. Then, decide it isn't working out. Break up, meet a new girl and start to get to know her. Whew, time fly's.

Decide to go back to school. Sign up, go to classes, take tests, graduate and recieve new certifications.

Get injured, have surgery, recover. Not happy with results, have second surgery, recover. carry on happily.

Crash the track bike. Fix it. Sell it. Buy a newer more powerful bike. Convert to track form so you can crash Bigger next time.

Build a new house. Start to finish.

Wow, when you think about it 6 months is a really Loooong time.

.................................................. ...............

And now a recap of the wheel timeline.

Order in January...4-6 weeks for delivery.

3/3/10 email from **********s...5-6 weeks until delivery.

4/8/10 email from **********s...3-5 weeks until delivery

4/30/10 **********s post..."call us for a refund. Your wheels aren't in production yet."

me...ring, ring, ring, "Hi I'm calling for my refund."

**********s... "Psyche... HaHa we have a license to steal."

5/19/10 email from **********s...your wheels will be completed the week of 5/17/10

6/15/10 5 weeks later. still no email on the wheel shipment status from **********s. eagerly awaiting yet another 5-6 week wait.

So, my friend, at what point would you "lose patience".
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