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Originally Posted by ///M1 View Post
For someone to believe the above^^^ (stock 1///M destroying a stock E60 M5), might as well believe in the tooth ferry. Something must have been wrong with the M5 or he was sandbagging. Just look at the hundreds of videos of the E60 M5 beating a C63AMG handily (which here beats the stock 1///M, as it should). Or even better, get behind the wheel of a E60 M5 and especially at a rolling start you will see that few things other than exotica can touch it (and the new F10 M5 of course)
I wouldn't doubt a second that especially at a rolling start 1M staying (slightly but clearly) ahead of E60 M5. The reason: serious weight difference coupled with same levels of torque (on paper, probably 1M has higher torque in stock as well, all the dynos reveal this) which is also available from very low down (opposite for the M5) and for a broad rev. range. I would really be surprised to see a stock E60 M5 catches the 1M before reaching really high speeds (over 160km.s/hour maybe even over 200kms.) so that the M5 can utilize the high power and better aerodynamics.

And I don't believe in "tooth ferries"! No such thing exist. Fairies on the other hand, maybe