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Maps very inaccurate on modern BMWs - 2013 map update?

The built-in maps on my 2012 X3 and 2011 ActiveE do a terrible job of routing to destinations in San Francisco and Northern California in general. I really like several features of the iDrive navigation, including the live traffic updates, and the integration with GoogleMaps to send destinations to the car, but the road routing is significantly behind the Google Maps accuracy on my phone. Circuitous routes are often chosen instead of the main thoroughfares to get from one side of SF to the other, for example, even when there is no traffic.

Does the 2013 Map update fix some of this? $245 seems pretty pricey to update something I know is going to continue to be pretty inferior to what I have on my phone. Is it worth it? Anyone have concrete examples of improvements made with the map update?
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