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To the originally OP, your fear of Chinese made brakes shows how ignorant you really are about manufacturing and QC.

It is not like you put the brakes on your car and they failed prematurely, or did not perform as designed.

The quality of the brakes depend greatly on the design (done by a US company) and the inspection/testing of the product before shipment. It sounds like ECS does a pretty thorough over-inspection of the product before it is shipped.

Now if the brakes had been designed by the Chinese manfacturer and no over-check was done by ECS, I would be worried (which is not the case here). If the parts meet ECS designed parameters, they should operate perfectly fine in application.

You are making a mountain out of a mole hill and disparaging a perfectly good company based on a product you have not even used. It is not like they lied to you and if you were so damned worried about the brakes coming from China, you should have asked BEFORE you ordered.

The customer is NOT always right.