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Loving my 1M + little sound clips

The more I drive and live with my 1M the more I love it, and the biggest compliment I can make to this little big car is that I love driving it, slowly or fast, the same way. In most fast cars I can only take pleasure of driving when going really fast (my ex-M6 for example), which is not good because I also like my driving license very much. I even drive my other daily car wihich is much slower (MINI Cooper S 56) faster than the 1M, simply because I just want to get from A to B, in the 1M I can take pleasure from the most stupid things, and since it's raining all day long here in Portugal, from the ocasional drift when there's nobody around, which is always big fun.

The weight steering, the gearbox, the engine, the colour of the gauges when they light up at night, the simplicity of the interior, the fact that is small and feels so together, light and compact, the imediacy of the controls, the sound, the looks of it (I really like the Valencia Orange) makes it very special, I'm very happy to have this little animal and I hope that I can keep it forever.

Some little clips from my car sound, it's stock but I think it sounds pretty good, wouldn't say no to Akrapovic of course...

Don't know how to incorporate them in the forum, if someone can make it I would appreciate it.

Cold Start up :

Warmed up :