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About your tight and punchy bass issue.

If you wanted tight and punchy you should have went with a 10w3-2 instead of a 12w3-4

Your XD 700/5 is only giving 180 watts to your 12w3-4 that can handle 500 Watts.
it would give feed your sub 300 watts if you had a 2 OHM speaker. If you look at the specs for the amp it tells you how many watts it would supply to 2ohm, 3ohm, and 4ohm subs.

A 10w3 would have tighter base response because the woofer isn't moving as much air and can stabilize faster in between hits. And a 2 Ohm version ( 10w3-2 ) would get more power from your amp so you will get more punch.

Im no expert and i dont even have my own system yet. I want one badly though. ive been doing my research and planning and scheming to figure out what im going to end up with which is how i am able to answer your question. Oh and i happen to be a pianist