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The KWs with conical springs allow for very little clearance and camber of any kind won't help this.

You are also running a lower offset wheel in the front than is optimal for a 1 Series with 8.5". This brings the wheel closer to the inside.

The only thing you can do is to run a spacer 5mm spacer to see if that gives you enough clearance on both sides. You can run a more aggressive spacer but would probably need to create some more negative camber, depending on the tire. If you were running a 245 then you would almost definitely need the -camber but may not have the inside clearance required.

More in depth, you can also replace the conical springs with 6", straight wound springs. You would wind the lower spring perch up to compensate for the shorter spring (is it shorter?).

It seems a 5mm spacer with a 225 or 235 tire would work if you didn't wanna touch your springs. The camber from the lowering should help and you could take out your alignment pins which should give you up to another -0.5 camber for addition fender clearance.