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This is probably unrelated since you guys are talking about actual taillights, but I just had a problem where my third brake light (the thin wide one on the trunk lid) got a crack in the middle for a while and then one day just snapped off!

The center light's red outside lens is connected to the weather-sealed light fixture on the inside. Total retail price for that unit: $180.

The dealership told me that without a good reason for why it had been broken, they couldn't replace it under warranty. Me, personally, I don't see how regular driving should cause a plastic part to snap and fly off on the highway somewhere; there is absolutely no damage to any part of the car, not the trunk, bumper, etc.

It's less than a year old!

Anyway, FWIW.

EDIT: My guy at the dealership said that he thought it was strange that they had stock of the third brake light unit; they only keep stock of items that have to be ordered three times. So why would the dealership have had to replace at least three third brake lights for a model that has only been out for a bit more than a year? Concluding that it must be more of a systemic problem, he was able to get the work done under warranty. NICE!

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