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Originally Posted by Tom K. View Post
So the valet leaves your car unlocked? That is a problem.

I found this link at JC Whiteny, but since the gas cap is part of the emissions system, I wonder whether one of these will work without throwing a Chcek Engine light.

Good luck.

Thanks Tom, I'll look into that! It's the attendants that would be doing the syphoning. There's also other transients coming in and out so it would be easy to take advantage of someone's car. From my apartment I can witness all the shenanigans they do to people's cars on the roof deck parking lot. It's disgusting.

My car is parked underground and they leave the keys in the car. They also leave the windows down to prevent locking the keys in by accident. I managed to get them to close the windows after a stray cat had a party in my car. It was either a stray cat or a monster of a rat. I'm gonna go with stray cat, it's less gross.