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I don't have them on my 1M but I got a set for the wife's MKV GTI and love them. They are quiet, very good in the rain.....very quiety and almost good enough in the dry. They are quiet too! The GTI has a problem with tire noise and this is the best ever. They are a little soft on turn-in but if I live somewhere where it rained often and got chilly in the winter, I highly recommend these and they are not too expensive and they last....and they are quiet. If you had a GTI you would understand how important that is.

If you want a bit more dry performance all season, the Potenza 970 is from my research a little better but also more money. I give the DWS a 9 out of 10 rating with a .5 point reduction for softer turn in than Potenza RE-050 and .5 redution for dry traction.

I hope that helps.