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How did it fail? Black with yellow guide lines?

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Bump + Update

So i finally have everything working.... after going crazy and pulling my teeth out the root cause was i had been sent 2 faulty cameras and the third one worked... After this incident i probably wouldnt reccomend the Weivision camera and go with the Liebmaya or something else that fits the OEM handle...

SO MUCH APPRECIATION TO THE PO! Stubbieblue has been incredible, answering my noobie emails and questions night and day

(if you are super noob like me you may have questions)


P.S - I will bother you one last time for programming, i got my steering wheel working and bluetooth set up but any reccomendations for maps to work? Apps? carplay? etc Or tell me how you set up yours and ill mimic it
Hi James,

I was wondering what happened when it failed? I had the whole thing working well doing just a 'dry fit'. But then when did the actual install and ran the car, I was getting static, and now when I put the car in reverse, all I get is a black screen with the yellow guide marks. Was that how it failed on yours? I'm just trying to narrow down if it's the camera, the wiring, or something else. Thanks

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