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Originally Posted by Lowerfredrick View Post
Hi James,

I was wondering what happened when it failed? I had the whole thing working well doing just a 'dry fit'. But then when did the actual install and ran the car, I was getting static, and now when I put the car in reverse, all I get is a black screen with the yellow guide marks. Was that how it failed on yours? I'm just trying to narrow down if it's the camera, the wiring, or something else. Thanks
I pointed that out in several threads and the DIY install I linked to above. With the German cars you are going to need an isolation unit between the power and your camera. You can do this by using a relay, but a much easier way is to use a rectifier that blocks the BMW signal riding on the DC that is causing the static and black screen.
The one I used is the Dasaita 12V DC Power Relay Capacitor Filter Rectifier that sells on Amazon for about $10 with shipping.

You just wire it in between the camera plus and negative and the cars reverse plus wire and the negative ground wire.... very easy. If you are getting separate power for the front screen from power there, you will probably need to do the same thing.