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Originally Posted by spitfire148 View Post
Hey I was wondering if anyone had issues with the bmw chimes ie seatbelt chime low fuel etc. I fitted a new head unit and now my bmw chimes have changed to a really annoying beep/buzz. has anyone got a solution on how to get the original chimes back, the chimes used to come out the speakers but now it sounds like they come from the tacho/spedo is it a possible wiring issue or did i need to code something. everything appears to work. speakers. mic . steering wheel controlls , reverse camera etc its just the chimes thats the issue.

I know the unit I have is different to this guide but Ive tried searching for my specific issue with my specific head unit and found nothing.

the head unit i have is from eresin.

many thanks
The chimes are sent over the CAN bus and your Eresin headunit appears to have a built-in CAN bus decoder so it is playing the chimes. You can check on the headunit if there are any options to configure the chimes but I doubt it.

I'm using the PAC RadioPro for chimes and they just copied the BMW sounds. It also hooks up to directly to the chime speaker under the steering wheel.