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See this post by me to someone else who was also having trouble with the SWC. The DIP switches on the RadioPro need to be set to Pioneer/other before powering it on. If it still doesn't work, post back with more details.
I have a feeling I'm still doing something wrong here, so forgive me. Unplugged the PAC, replugged it in with the DIP switches in the 'Pioneer/other' setting. Open the SWC menu on the headhunt, hold the program button for a couple of seconds on the PAC, press volume up on the steering wheel (at the same time pressing the volume up switch in the SWC of the headunit?), and then leave it to get out of programming mode. I did this as a test and it still didn't work. I haven't hooked up the chime wires yet, but I doubt that has anything to do with it.

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Settings - Device - Sound - Keypad Tone Off
Got it, thank you!

Two more questions:
1. Theres a persistent buzz/static noise. It only goes away when I put the volume at completely zero. I can vaguely hear it when I'm actually playing music.

2. Also, for the reverse camera, I tapped the wires for the rear tail lights, but for the power wire off the RCA yellow cable coming to the headunit, does it matter where you tap the power wire?

Again, thank you so much for helping out