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Originally Posted by maupineda
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Hey maupineda, I just yesterday arrived in Mexico City, what's up with that crappy weather , I did not even bring a jacket

Anyway, I agree, I am very certain the limit set on the engine is a absolute safety measure with some room to go up. They would not set the limit to the exact highest possible range, but quite a bit below. 200-300rpm's will most likely do nothing to the engine wear, unless you redlining it more than not.
I know! the weather has been very messy for the past weeks, it rains eveyday in the evenings, and we even had all day rains a few weekends ago. I concur with you, if you are a limiter hero you will wear out the engine faster regardless. So 7500 is fine for these engines, even the N55 in the new 135i and 335i shift within the redline in some youtube videos I've seen.
7500, probably even up to 8000, fine, its super light weight in an i6, don't hold it there of course, that's retarded.. The problem is however: stock cam profile is only set to flow to 7000, could maybe still hold a bit of power to 7500 but it would drop

Head, head is also designed around that rpm with the port length/size (can pretty easily be polished and flowed out a bit more) same with the intake manifold.. With the itb's flow is no issue of course, and possibly with mmw's new intake for their supercharger, though the efficiency of it will almost certainly be built around stock or stock-ish limit with sc's not working well at high rpm anyway.. (heat efficiency) - if you were building an all-motor n52, with what you can do to it, breathing at 8000rpm is totally achievable if your desire is big and pockets deep lol - itb's not only need a custom manifold to fit (modded from an e46 m3 i believe) but full aftermarket ECU to control it all and work with the MAF delete.. As well as above modified cam profile and ported/matched head