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I'll bet there's issues with financing / money.

I struggled with my sales guy at first. We kept going around and around.
Me: I like the car I want to buy it. How much?
Him: Sticker says xxx.
Me: So is that the price? No negotiation from sticker?
Him: I didn't say that. We have some room to negotiate.
Me: So how much can you offer me the car for?
Him: How much are you willing to pay? Make an offer and I'll go to the manager with it.
Me: $10
Him: Don't be ridiculous
Me: Just give me a price and I'll tell you if its ok (knowing the negotiating wasn't done but but I at least wanted a starting point).
Him: Tell me how much you want to pay.

So I used this site to determine what people were generally paying. Seemed that $500-$1k over invoice was average with some paying more some less with incentives.
So I went back with a spreadsheet of the car and options, MSRP and invoice price for each and added $500 to the bottom line invoice price and said you want to know how much I'm willing to pay? Here you go, invoice +$ 500.

He went ot the manager and they whined but took it. They dinged me for a couple add-ons but I was still somewhere between $500-$1k over invoice so I was happy, especially on a car I ordered rather than one already on the lot.
After that things went great.

But getting through that initial negotiation was like a prostate exam.

Go in armed with facts and a fair price. If they won't do the deal see if someone else will.
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