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Originally Posted by cadeucsb View Post
I know this is an old thread but I wanted to confirm these definitely dont slide and pop out like the old BMW side markers. Like noted above, stick a credit card underneath the light toward the rear of the car side of the marker, then just pry it toward you.

You really have to pry pretty hard to get it out....

Got my white LEDs in to replace the orange bulbs.
your completely wrong man, i've removed my sidemarkers twice already and the correct way to remove them is to slide them forward towards the headlights then use something to pry the back end (facing towards the rear of the car) and lift up while still pushing the light forward (in the video its the opposite since the E9x's sidemarkers are basically the other way around compared to E8x's). here's a youtube video that Bimmian has on it i'm also running Bimmian's smoked LED sidemarkers shown in the video and i HIGHLY recommend them over every other smoked LED sidemarkers offered since bimmian's have a plug and play connector unlike the rest where you have to splice the wires to connect them.

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