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Originally Posted by swaite View Post

It doesn't say anything about seafoam in your posts. I'll bet we'll not know how well seafoam does work on these motors for a long time. Who is going to go through the trouble of taking their intake mani off and not clean the valves just to snap some pictures?
BG Products, seafoam, it's the same. In fact many consider BG to be better then seafoam.

And do a little research on e90 post.

"Valves and ports were covered with carbon.. not to the point where I'm too worried, but just enough to be bothersome. I wasn't able to get a clean picture. ** I had Seafoam'd it 3x 7,000 miles ago, 3x 3,000 miles ago."

now you know.

OP - here is what you are looking for:

Note, mr.5 ended up taking his mani off later and still found carbon build up after seafoam and running meth.